Ambition as a dirty word.

Alcohol, anger, and that anarchic, nihilism is an ugly combination of shit. You can be a violent bastard when you’re confused and a kid. Not even getting into fights or anything, just that internal frustration.
I graduated to being a more passive aggressive, absurd wanker. How much easier would life have been without Freud. There’s that thing people say about how they’d go back and kill Hitler or whoever if they had a Time Machine. I think I’d kill old Freud. Life without introspection would be a lot easier.
Today you can do the same thing though. Get your high-school sweetheart and get married, pop out a couple of kids, work in a post office or something. People like that. You can very easily look like you have your shit together going do that road. Then there’s the road less travelled. The doctors road. You do the same rigid shit as the post office thing but harder and longer. 4 years more college and a bit more stress, but it amounts to the same thing.
Ambition though is this ugly little vice. It should be a dirty word.
Go back to the 90’s and all those business people grabbed themselves a copy of the Art of War and mispronounced it old mate as Sun Su instead of Tsun Tzu or whatever horrible westernisation it is. Then we got pissed when they botched the economy, but they believed they were at war for Christ’s sake.
You can’t do that anymore without making enemies. There was the road, there was the road less travelled, there was the hard path, and there was the easy path. You can even throw in the analogy that there’s off-roading. But his now feels like I’ve got to hack my way through a jungle. Grab your machette and find your path through the urban jungle.