Change happens.

I had an issue for a while that, as somebody who believes in nothing, it didn't make sense to alter the world. I've come to terms with it, as it is inevitable. The scale and the change need to be considered within reason, not as a whole, but with each decision. That is how people are, what we do. The rest are not people, or are dead.

Dealing with culture it is easy to concern myself that my changes could impact negatively. Every time we synthesise information, information is lost. It must be hoped then that the creation of something new justifies its existence then. Each new creation may enlighten us to a piece of history, or open up further research, further insight. Culture and history may be lost. All work exists though in that space, on the edge of traditions end and the begining of development. We cannot retain all of that history, nor can we be suffocated by it, we should not intentionally destroy history, nor should we halt progress for fear of that destruction. Change happens.