Wall Tiger

A city is never finished, and it never looks like it is either. If you watch one building under construction from start to finish you might imagine it could be like that. But in the middle of that construction starts just down the road. Not a day goes by without a pedestrian diversion in the city as something new is always underway.

People are buying property, and in this city the goal is the view. In other cities it might be lifestyle, happiness, proximity ... here it’s the view.

Disputes in Sydney always occur around the view. New development is fine as long as you don’t mess with the view. It takes politicians and developers putting their foot down to remind people they don’t own the view. But I know that feeling.

Imagine a couple in a 2 bedroom home, living there for 30 years together. Waking up to the ocean in the distance over breakfast and watching it on the weekends in instances of mindlessness and relaxation over tea. Then that view is gone, because somebody else can afford two more stories on their house. You’re just as close to the ocean, but it feels further away, and aging, you feel more isolated. No money to move to somewhere nicer. The next step might be the nursing home, and today, as the render goes onto that bastards balcony, it all sinks in.

Do you remember the dispute a couple of years back? There was development in Sydney, and all the new kids moved in. Great view, that’s what they paid for. Then Luna Park made a revival. And the noise, the screams of the roller coaster, and even if there was no screaming that crusty, jittery, death-trap was banging all day all night. So the complaints poured in, and they got some allowances. But, wasn’t Luna Park their first? What rights do the people have to enjoy Sydney, over the rights of the other people have to enjoy Sydney? Dilemma.  Lets not get into every battle ever over noise from the pubs, which were also their first.

But really, this city doesn’t belong to people. That’s ignorant. It belongs to cats and wall tigers. The cats do whatever they want. They go about like mystic creatures wherever and whenever they want. That bin is his bin, that backyard is his backyard. A little ginger was at my back door the other day, and he looked at me like I was just getting in the way. He went back along the corrugated roofs when he got sick of me, perhaps to a home, but really to whoever was feeding him, the servants he employs. And in the street they act like traffic cones. You think this a thoroughfare buddy? No way, walk around, I’m tanning, and everyday is Sunday.

The wall tigers are elusive and do whatever they want as well. Back when I was calling them lizards I barely noticed them, sunbathing on the brick walls. After being told that in Chinese their name translates to Wall Tiger though, I notice them everywhere. The birds are locked out and manically get out the way, the dogs can’t be trusted just to walk the streets, they’re kind of stupid.

Buy land or property, but it all belongs to the cats, and the wall tigers, who do whatever, whenever, wherever they want.