Why China?

Why not China? Why not …
Besides the obvious a) escaping uni, b) escaping life, and the lame c) “international study looks good on the ol’ resume”, there’s a pretty big d) Richard Goodwin. Richard (Professor) Goodwin has run these studios every year since 2004 to feed his own practice as well as educate. Having exhibited and worked all around the world but with a focus on Sydney, he here aims to create work that influences urban planning through Porosity.
Porosity is the opposite to security. It’s the openings, not the closed off world we often percieve. He aims to explore spaces for the public benefit at its largest scale; urban planning.
The 2 week intensive Porosity studio takes us into the little town of TianJin (only 14 million people, no wonder you’ve never heard of it) to collaborate with like minded people from other disciplines. Artists, industrial designers, designers of all sorts, and Richard himself was trained as an architect. The outcome and goal as you will understand are more conceptual than a medium specific course, the overarching theme being radical transformation.
With different backgrounds, and having worked at different scales, we assess the world in different ways. Yet here we all aim to appropriate what already exists (the last thing the world needs is more stuff) to make sustainable differences (and not just environmental differences). The city itself is our medium, our canvas, and our inspiration.