Never ending ellipsis.

I started to write a program I had the idea for while in China. I have no intention of making it work, or exhibiting anywhere, so here's the basic idea behind it.
There are about 7,265,600,000 people in the world. The search for individuality, or an identity of any sort is natural. We rely on terms to define us. Demographic, ethnographic, scene, clique, group. We use identifiers like ethnicity and fashion, views and understanding. When we cannot identify so easily with these titles we're struggle. The code and my work of late has been about this struggle.

So I coded a program that has 7,265,599,999 instances of a black dot

and 1 instance of a red dot.


The chances of ever seeing the red dot in a traditional system is low. We need to rely on other, more complex means to find ourselves.