New Business Toolbox

Instagram is for boobs. Twitter is for ads. Facebook is more ads.
Feedly is for wasting time. StumbleUpon is much the same.
LinkedIn is career “related”, but using pulse is mostly a waste of time. A bit like buying magazines for browsing and not for specific information.
The same can be said for RSS. I’m following Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, 99u, and more, as well as friends and marketing companies.
But like buying magazines, I think you chose to read more intensely after making an investment in a product.

I did a small business course some years ago now, and next semester I am doing more on business at university. Through my break I have been working on things that relate to next semester like Arduino, Electronics, and learning software. And now I’ve splashed out on engaging in business as well. $17.62 actually. Wowza.

It’s a program through Skillshare created by Seth Godin. It’s all about entrepreneurialism. I’m engaged in these things, but this is a way to focus myself.

Jump through the link to find out more. Maybe I’ll see you there.