Rant o'clock. Too much coffee perhaps.

Some points I want to rant about, and it’s more about media than the issues themselves. I live concerning myself with what is within my scope of control. But it would be nice if people could form opinions beyond what they’re first told. How long have been told “Don’t believe everything you see on TV”, and before that undoubtedly they were saying “Don’t believe everything you read”, before that “Don’t believe everything you hear”.
It was asked, is it okay to ironically be racist, to be racist knowing it’s a joke, to be racist in the right circumstances. Simple responses say it depends on context. Others say it’s never appropriate. Neither answer is right or wrong.
People have been angered by QANTAS recently and other companies moving “offshore”. The Titanic II is being built in China, Toyota and GM have moved on … but as Australians do we only worry about Australians? On a large scale, these businesses are employing thousands, and on a personal level, if you’re not the best person for the job you don’t get the job.
At the other end of that, if the rich keep getting richer, it only effects the poorest people for the better. We neglect to see that the Packer’s, Rinehart’s, Palmer’s, and Murdoch’s of the world employ thousands. Forget even that Gates and Buffett have done immeasurable philanthropic work, and realise they have also employed and helped people by providing jobs as well.
But people will still complain within a societally accepted scope of tolerance. Bowie and Reznor sung about how God is an American. A comment on how people’s view of “the world” is actually “their world”, and they can’t see beyond it. When Americans talk of doing good to change the world they often mean for Americans. And Australians do the same. It’s up to the individual to draw the lines, but also acknowledge the lines don’t really mean too much.
Whaling is in the media here a lot. And of course we’re right and they’re wrong. Right? As the Japanese have conducted whaling for years in the name of science. Well, they didn’t believe it, we didn’t believe it. But the issue for me is why they had to pretend in the first place. Is a nations cultural values less important than somebody else's ecological ones? And when our country is trashing itself with other nations nuclear waste, and depleting itself of resources that will never be replaced, who are we to comment?
The most racist terms we have in Australia are no longer about internal black and white conflicts, but about external conflicts. “Boat People” is a horrific term, and our politicians have really effectively used it to take the humanity away from genuine refugees (Why we now need to emphasise “genuine” is beyond me). What the Australian government is doing right now is opting out of helping people fleeing danger. The UN convention Australia agreed to in the 50’s related to people fleeing war (In that instance Jewish people), and the circumstances of people fleeing Taliban persecution is just one public example of the people who are trying to come to Australia. Australia has enough of a dislike for North Korea that we will comment on how wrong their actions are, and understand when people flee to China. And we see enough of an issue in different places to go in an aide countries in crisis (though not Syria apparently …), but it’s like those conflicts are out of sight and out of mind. Is Australia cool to be in it for the short term but that’s all? Like America who can see international crisis emerging but seem to have had enough fighting and don’t want to get into another conflict just now …