10 Terms I just made up

People are capable of thinking about concepts without words. This can be proven true by the invention of new words as new concepts arise, or in that we are able to remember stories without the exact wording (Having the gist of a story), or in that we are able to non-literally translate between languages.

New words have emerged over time, without a great deal of success in some cases, but that are useful to a certain group of people at a certain time. Unfriend and Procrastibaking are more successful recent examples.

Fubar in war times was derived from a situation that was "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition". The term Sharted refers to somebody who thought they could get away with discreetly farting however has failed, and to a small degree shit themselves.

Similarly new generations create new terms for intoxication of various types like Munted, Crunk, Blasted, Plastered, Smashed, Shit-Faced, Pinging, and so on. Some of my favourite inventions include Boot/Booted/Booting as a way to describe throwing up. This is connected with the term Tactical (or A Tactical Boot), which is booting before feeling ill in order to not boot later, or to be able to continue drinking.

Here, I aim to render some common concepts that would require much more explaination, such as whole sentences, into simpler new terms.

Photo Friendly — Somebody attractive in photos, but not in reality.

Make-up Friendly —- Somebody attractive with make-up on, but not without.

Mirror Friendly — When somebodies outfit appears okay in the mirror, but when they begin to move no longer look good. Usually this is related to revealing cellulite or too much bum because of short skirts and shorts.

Negi-Posse — A person you like who cannot be invited anywhere because if you invite them you also have to deal with their less interesting friends.

3m — Somebody not interested in long term attachments.

Whoremeopathy — Whore + Homepathy — When you think sleeping with somebody will make you feel less lonely, but it doesn’t work.

Whoremeopath — Whore + Homepath — The person you sleep with Re Whoremeopathy.

Bitchanthropy — Bitch + Misanthropy — The feeling that all women are bitches. Usually occurs after a break-up.

Echidna Cocktail — Spiking your own drink.

Fidiot — Fucking + Idiot — Adding F to Awesome creating Fawesome has been done previously, and Nidiot is a translation from An Idiot to A Nidiot. This term I invented is currently tattooed on somebody, unfortunately. What a Fidiot.