15 Dillonisms

Cool Cool — Expressing that something is clear, acknowledged and positive. It equally ends a conversation to move on to another point. “I’ll be there at 4pm.” “Cool cool.”

Haven’t the Foggiest — Not knowing an answer, similar to "I have no idea”. “What’s a good local bush walk?” “Haven’t the foggiest.”

Your Mate — Used to point out people who you would not care to be associated with by expressing, as a type of insult, that another person would in fact be associated with them. “Your mate's on the news.” “Who? … Clive Palmer? Get fucked.”

No Dramas — Expresses that everything is okay, used in place of “No problem”. “Can I get a smoke off you?” “Yeah, no dramas.”

Lady Bleed Time — A euphemism for a period, taken from the term Lady Parts, or more simply Lady. “We can’t have sex?” “Why not?” “Lady bleed time.” “Oh, no dramas.”

El Shito — Taken from Ben, this term relates to anything that has gone wrong. “I spilled my coffee on your dog.” “El shito.”

Less Than Ideal — Something that has gone wrong, that I concur is a serious problem. “I can’t afford a new phone and mine’s busted.” “Less than ideal.”

What the Dickens? — Not genuinely expressing confusion, this is used to express minor frustration. Expressed as a rhetorical question. “No cafes are open after 4pm today. “What the Dickens?"

Apples — Everything is going well. “How have you been?” “Apples. You?”

I could do that, I just don’t want to. — When somebody has done something impressive, used to express that I could not do it, and have no interest in pursuing it, though not always genuinely. “Charlie just learned hard flips” “I could do that, I just don’t want to.”

Hectic — Used to express something dramatic has occurred. This could be positive or negative. “Brad crashed his car.” “Hectic.”
or equally
“Brad just bought a car.” “Hectic.”

Live or die? — Said the moment before a risk is taken rhetorically. Usually the risk could result in genuine physical harm.

x — Numbers used to enhance how dramatic something is, as if common terms were quantifiable. “I gots my hair dyed dark grey.” “10 Rads.”

x Types Of — Used to express an amplified reaction. “Billy tested positive for drugs after totalling his car.” “Well that’s 10 types of fucked.”

Genius — An ironic nickname given to my younger brother. Originally used around times when he would do something wrong, but now used more commonly. “What’s genius done this time”