Why I've linked my bank account to Westboro Church

I was watching a talk the other day by Tim Ferris and one idea stood out.
So I have a bunch of habits I’m trying to keep. Doing more exercise, daily progress on goals instead of making big pushes, waking earlier, eating better … and I’m following the advice I’m following and doing quite well.
One thing I was focusing on was habit building so you do an action whether or not you were motivated. Things like “Starting so small you can’t say no to the action” and “Just doing the first 2 minutes” help, but I found a fantastic form of motivation, better than peer pressure, and maybe even close to the prospect of losing your job/failing college.
Success rates for keeping a habit jump from 25% to 70%. Whoa.
So what’s this amazing secret?!
Giving money to people you hate. Yeah. I saw a clock that motivates you to not press snooze by giving money to a charity you hate equal to the seconds you snooze. And the service Tim Ferris pointed to was called Stickk, where you pledge money if you fail, and have a brutal friend monitor you.
I was joking about this, considering giving money to my brother as a punishment to myself. Then Westboro Church was mentioned (If you don’t know who they are, their website is titled God Hates Fags. I could link to their video Death Penalty for Fags, or God Hates Australia, or maybe the music video for God Rained Down the Fire … maybe next time). I laughed, then realised this was brilliant.
Do you really think you wouldn’t be able to get up because of the cold, or not go to the gym, or even smoke, if you knew you had a transaction pending for $400 to the KKK (Tim’s personal example) that would go through that day? Imagine if the person sleeping next to you was the one monitoring you, and your resolution was to go running every morning, and they had $1000 of your money aside for a charity that was reported to give 80% of its funding to solicitors.