Not trying is just a lamer type of failing.

Where does the time go. Away, that’s where. Like fun to adults (remember fun?), concerns about girl germs, and the best years of your life (these ones I’m in the midst of apparently). So here’s where my time is at.
I’m building a chair. Sorry, “seating solution”. It may not be a chair, that’s too limiting a perspective. I went to town on this one recently and proposed the end of human centred design (take that David Kelley), and did conceptual paintings and a sound piece to present my idea. If you’re not scared you’re about to fail you aren’t pushing hard enough.
Branding a company that doesn’t exist. Always practical. Might use this as a chance to try some motion graphics again.
Starting a business. More practical. “We don’t have to actually do it” according to the girls planning a Quentin Tarantino themed gelato bar, but our group is all gung-ho and we’re working to create a blog as the basis of a new design resource online.
I’m learning Processing and Arduino. Did a little Arduino over the break. I’m taking classes at uni, but finishing all my work during the class time so I’m looking for more to do. Just grabbed a Skillshare course by Joshua Davis, who gave one of favourite online talks of recent times.
And my band Dead Architect is rocking the scene. We played not too long, are recording, and making plans to play in the not too distant future around Sydney.