Neutrality ...

FCC Approves Net Neutrality, and I call bullshit.
This is intended to enable people to view previously censored pages. People can now look in at the information, and are given a false sense of openness and freedom.
During the Vietnam War, when protestors wanted to organise, they didn’t use the phone because they knew it could be monitored. The Snowden revelations showed us the extent to which we are monitored by our devices today. For example the GPS in your phone is given to you with the idea that you can now login and tag yourself at clubs, can use maps more easily and so on. But the technology is also used to monitor your movements.
I use Evernote and being part of the cloud, everything I write can be monitored. What we fail to recognise though is that everything typed on any internet or connected device can be monitored the same way. If you are doing the right thing there is no point to being paranoid: nobody cares about your banal chats, essays, or even your criticisms. While we can argue that we have a right to privacy, practically it isn’t something you can achieve so easily.
Practically you can meet in person to discus things, or have devices that are not linked to the internet or other systems. But no phone, mobile or otherwise can be freely used. Even without the GPS function of my phone, I am notified by messages usually reserved for emergency systems (like fire warnings in the Blue Mountains) of my location. “CB Messages. Wentworth Falls.” I have a backlog of, and if I go further back I get the same message telling me I’m in Town Hall or wherever else I may be. A mobile device needs to know where you are just to function.
Again though, I am not concerned for myself. I continue to write silly notes to myself that I should I engage in espionage, write works that are critical of the government, and other social issues, and the threats and bullshit I have received over the years have never been picked up on or used in any way that I can see by anybody who potentially could act on those things. The information is simply not useful to anybody, or actionable. That is not to say I accept the lack of privacy as simply something we should accept though.