Give me an F.

There are times to do what you're asked to do. Other times, the best outcome is not what they asked for. Ol' mate Henry Ford never said that 'faster horse' quote, but the point lives on. While I'm at it, 'form follows function' wasn't anti-ornament, and 'less is more' wasn't about minimalism. Anywho, back to faster horses, I don't say the faster horses thing, I just fold my arms, know I'm right and let shit unfold. Depending on the tutor it all works out and they say to the other listening students "We like it when you push the boundaries." Some of the times that's where it ends. Recently I did sound explorations and paintings instead of conceptual models, so they said the first bit but followed it with "but ...", and mentioned how I was now too far misaligned with the marking criteria.

Tomorrow I have to submit a diagram that connects my personal take on design to a naviagtion system for a portfolio. I've given this task many middle fingers - proverbially as I am sadly limited to two middle fingers and it's not nearly enough. Firstly, they say to think outside the box, where as in this instance they have given us another box to jump into. Fuck their boxes. Second is that the precedents for this type of work end up being somewhere between cute, kitsch, meaningless, or outright jank. Thirdly, I'm right to come up with a typographic contents page when presenting typographic work. Fourthly, this portfolio is supposed to represent me as a contemporary, forward thinking designer, and their box represents a course outline that is being thrown away and never taught again.

Life's too short to give a fuck, and I'm liking what I'm doing. It's not all about being a smart-ass. So whether or not I get shit marks I'm not sure, but my outcome is tight.