Asking for something back.

Questioning everything is almost a cliche and passe act. But it’s important, for instance, Christmas would be useless if it wasn’t a way my family connected, seeing kids growing up, hearing the good and bad stories, and thinking about the future.
What I’ve been thinking more about though is my media interactions. I don’t watch the news anymore. It is gossip that doesn’t impact my life, and I spend my time judging the coverage more than taking in the information.
I apply the simple idea to everything - what does this want from me. Like a conversation the other day where you realise that on Facebook, you are the product, and they want you there as a product. Or looking at media that’s only trying to sell to me.
TV has no intention of improving my life. On the other hand time spent watching a film is a way to connect with culture or with others in some limited capacity. But you shouldn’t just give yourself and your time to the stew of bullshit we’re surrounded by. You should ask for something back.