why im an irreverant twat insted ov a gramma nazi

i speak like shit alot ov the time. do i? maybs. who decidez? fuck em

language has no right or wrong,. some cats in france will strongly disagree but, they have this thang where they chose whuch words are or arent french, total dicks

you know who decides what words mean? i do. you do.

grab a dick-tionary and half the shit you say day to day will seem wrong, and make you feel like a complete doss. but that aint rite at all. instead start talking, and see if people catch your gist,

what happens is, you see, that people and kvltures create words as they need em. like in some kvltures right, they don't have words for numbers, what the actual fuck right?! but they don't need em, they just get it. so if you live in sydneytown like I sorta do, you need numbers. money for one things. but, like, imagine you go to find out where ol' mate lives, and he lives at like, 735245t244 st east town, you go along the road and look for the numbers right. but when you live with 20 people in the middle of fugen nowhere, when somebody tells you to go to joes, you know where jow is. when somebody says get firewood, you know how much you need because youve built the thing so mny times before, yopu dont have to say gimme 25 big as fuck sticks.

our own english derivative lacks a shit load of terms we can see in other kvltures, but we get by without them. a klazzik example is the term WE. we could mean all of us, or a bunch. and in other kvltures they differentiaited it all. Soi you get different types of WE. one to mean all of us as a collective, one to mean just two of us, and so erything in betweebn. for instance, you could sit at coffee and say, we're gonna get bread to someone. there's three of yas sitting there and saying it to someone else right, and what you actually wanted to do was exclude some cat, but you go to stand up and he stands up as well and starts to come along. ten times awkward aye.

another one I just red aboot was that we use the term gender to mean men and women typically. we really mean sex. gender in europeen languages iz often on ly male and female though, so thats y its perty common. other languages though use a shit ton ov genders to talk about shit. like, there's anuther gender role for animals. when french and german switch that confuses the bejeezus out of me as is, because i don't really get why the biblioteque is female and a bear is male with words even if its a lady bear. be thankful if youre learning a language if that's all youve got to deal with though because other langauges have like 16 genders! fubar.

so next time you call somebody a foul name like fuckface, and they try to b a grammar kook to you and say a fuckface aint even a real thing, tell them they only thnk that because theyre an ignant fuckface.