Condensed and editted for reading. The lyrics were the only old thing I already had when I started the album. Some new ideas and parts were added but a lot remained the same. I planned to produce some older songs that never were recorded along with their lyrics, but maybe another time.


As I'm bleeding from my lungs and it leaks into my soul
As i'm breathing from my heart and dream of another form of shelter

Us, acting on intuition
Nowhere's home
Fires lit to kill light
Black holes bright as discos

Significance of a Unit of Measure

Fail to see blurs broader than vision
Lines at crucial points that don't exist
Vivid images created with distortion
Dilate till truth emerges

I'm as content as an atom bomb soaring through the sky

Fine line in front of me
I feel a snap
I hear a crack
Balance with counter
The weight is uneven

The counter is broken
The measure was wrong
The counter will fall

All the Dolls

Plastic face as fake as her personality
Interior destroyed by exterior
Theirs no use flirting when all you've got is dolls eyes

Paper thin, I see right through you
A sculptured mirage that casts no shadow

I don’t need you
And I don’t need you here
And i don’t need your sympathy, all your pity, your lies

You think your breasts against my body
You think your mouth against my cheek
You think your everything
Keep me up on my feet
You think you’re everything
To a shallow man
To a fragile man
You think your tongue can cure heart ache
It takes more than shadow eyes to stand

Going Diving

I'm glad there are storms to keep me company at night
Clouds coming together like angry lust

Rock mountains in the ocean mark the graves of those we're missing
Dive into the waters to go see them

There is shame written right across my face
Sorrow and pity
I’ll Cling to the ledge with all I have
Until my fingers give
Falling from the nothing that I have, to the nothing that I live

My eyes are made of jade, but my words have softened now
I think in self debate
My mind is screaming now

One Dead Man

What good can come of this
What good can come of me
Too many years close to black cats
Too many broken mirrors

One man in an ocean
a million hid away
One man in the field

Shinji's iPod

Move through the light to black
Move through the sound to take
Vibrations through your chest
A faint mind sways and spins
Crushed vibrance, threadbare styles
Heat and sweat, gold and grey
Breaking through vines and arrows
Wooden doors and steel locks

Sit in the shade of the street
Under the eye of god
In the swarming desert sun
Slapped on brickwork and tiles

Your reflection in the night
The Asahi has control
Never wading, ever trekking
Never dancing, ever dancing


Somebody hold me
Somebody touch me
Somebody feel me
Somebody own me
Somebody rape me This place belongs to somebody
This place belongs to nobody

Overview of the Unsteady Hand

Going back for seconds
Going back for thirds
Going back for more
Going back to the places you were raped before

What? You haven’t been fucked enough?
Bent over, punched, kicked and shoved enough?

It’s hard to sympathise when you only make it worse


Oceans calm
A sea of rage
Walk the beach under the ever changing, forever dancing sun

Sand dunes and scorpions
Rocks and caves
Bats and moisture

Sickly sweet and salty
Body moves
Ones deep swim

Grace has no name Beauty has nothing
Tranquility in an epic wonderland

Blind emerge
Dotted sky
Stars of grey
Silver rainbows
Pot of ash

Taunted by a black unicorn
Birthing a reaper in white
Goddess, sensuality
Pure and perfect emotion

Bow, the sand crunches beneath my knees
The clouds part so the moon can see her silhouette
Her skin beneath my fingernails

Souls and Skeletons

Ana and Mia to catch you if you fall
Ed to hold you hand while you walk
I'll be there for
Skin, bones and all

We've all got skeletons in our closets
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

We're Our Own Saviours, Our Own Devil As Well

Find it in your heart to forgive me?
I don't forgive you
Find it in yourself to forget me?
as I forget you

Dead is the new black
A broad achromatic sky
Caught in our blindness
Open your eyes
There's no love
Just lies
You see a life worth living
I see you’re blind

You see an absence
Until you die
Convinced of saviours
Of one more lie

There is no heaven
And there is no hell
We’re our own saviours
Our own devil as well

A Step By Step Guide To Ruining Your Life

From babylon she came on her knees
Feasting on flesh and bone
Melodious mistress a mystery

Bare ghost
Silt scented
Oceanic rays of light found me
Hands marks left and shadows pulled
And I cannot feel anything anymore

The flowers always in your thorn bush
The petals fall on fog lit floors
End of april,
Autumn withers

The sugar just a kiss away
Raspberry sweet
Talking to strangers
In the middle of the night
Stealing from others
Avoiding the light

Dancing in a circle
In the middle of the night
Exceeding two forty
Ruining your life

Snow Dancer

Angel of the underworld
Snow, ever changing
White showing all stains
Snow concealing footprints
I'd do anything to hear you scream
Anything to watch you bleed

The grim
The no light
The white time
The bright grime
A heartless vampire
Pale fingers clench my wrist
Biting my lip
Drinking Noxious wine
Obituary of an empty past

Window or a mirror?
Staring at a stalker
Cracked lips lubricated with blood
Silk red tears over porcelain skin
Frayed edges of a nightmare

Seek the clouds forgiveness

Final Thoughts

You don't have to do this
You're too late
Where were you then

Stomach eating itself
Doesn't respond well
One candle burns out
Knife sitting dirty

The sky isn't blue here
Nor is it black
The view is of nothing
So blinded by yourself

You expect to see the forest for the trees
Or the oceans perfect blue
Stuck with your own reflection mirrored from broken glass

Knife pushed through the skin
Dragged down as far as it can go
Walk out
A trail of blood
Stories high
Push away
Landing head first on the concrete

Cerulean Mist

Chose to burn Raqiya`
Phased by glare
Azure particles moving through the air
Seen in the fading sunlight light

Drowning in the white ocean

Calm embraces me as I watch the cerulean clouds overhead
An achromatic rainbow never caught
Never ending

Observing an achromatic world