God has no equal. Really?

He protects us

The one who is above us

The great son

He is the sky and the light

He protects us from evil

now and in the afterlife

Am I describing Jesus, or Horus? A God from 2400 BC. Admittedly Jesus never threw his semen on lettuce though.


Uniting the people

The last prophet sent from God

to spread his word

Persecuted for his claims and beliefs

Light personified

Ascended to heaven

Jesus or Muhammed?


Came to unify us

Messenger of God

God is the source of all creation

We should connect to God through prayer


and service to humanity

God has no equal

Bahá’u’lláh, Jesus, Muhammed? Should we go on to compare Buddha, Krishna, L. Ron Hubbard?

Since Christ is the basis of Christian faith, it was incorrectly assumed that Muhammed was an equivalent. With time the feeling that “something would have to be done about Islam” grew. At the time they attempted forms like wholesale Muslim to Christian conversion - which was primarily politically motivated - protecting “our way of life”.

When the original story is lost, the next generation can't tell the difference between what was lore or history. All things are equal and unknown.

For further reading, check out Edward Said's Orientalism.