What are you willing to be bad at?

I have a real to do list written down. I know I need to clean the gutters, save money, and update LinkedIn. I also need to remember event dates.
In my mind though there’s a huge other list. I’d like to learn more about programs, travel, and buy a range of things I cannot afford. I think we all have similar lists. The hardest part is not finding out what you want, but what you can live without.
Programs will never stop updating with new features, and stepping foot in every country is unlikely.
The challenge is less, not more. I wrote about the idea of an information diet not long ago, but this goes even further.
What needs to be the goal is not just to write a novel or an album. Are you willing to get rejected and push yourself until it’s published? Are you willing to write smaller pieces to get experience? Are you willing to skip the parties, give up on reading every word of Kafka, and not know how Dexter ends to get there? Can you stop buying coats to fund self publishing?
What are you willing to not have to get what you want?