World at War

The world has gone to war. At numerous times those inside countries have had civil wars. Equally those inside companies have competed against each other. Those inside households fight as the smaller version of this. I constantly tell my siblings they’re dickheads.

After a particularly brutal battle with the Greeks a leader responded saying that those of the Greeks killed could have been enough in number to defend against all of the barbarians invading the lands. How is this any different from our global challenges where we compete and fight instead of working together?

I'm by no means a communist or socialist, and I believe for many reasons that we should maintain differences in the world, but the point that corporations compete, that companies compete, and that people compete instead of working together, is an annoying prospect at times. Current politics nationally and internationally, and the way business currently works, does not advocate for stronger societies yet alone a planet as a whole.

The way we compete in business has always been seen as a way to create ambition in people, as without rewards and ambition people are relaxed and do little. This has lead to advances in medicine, technology, and shaped our society. But this doesn’t work on a global scale.

If we dropped many of these boundaries greater issues like climate change and the extremes of poverty could be more easily tackled. The common example I use is that Brazil allowed its citizens access to medication for HIV/AIDS in defiance of a patent held in America.

If there is time for competition, there must also be time for unity. The balance, currently, falls instead in favour of competition in issues that determine all of our lives in many unfortunate instances.

What our governments are supposed to provide, the many things business otherwise would not, we need on an international scale if we are serious about making change on issues that impact on all people.

There are glimmers of hope. I recently signed up to Duolingo to have a play and learn some German. What this also does when you participate though, is translate pockets of information on the internet into another language. Information that was previously unavailable to others becomes available.

The people who created this also created Captcha and ReCaptcha. Captcha was about security and was really annoying. But ReCaptcha, though annoying, now contributes to making scanned libraries of old texts useable online by taking text the computer cannot recognise but people can, and making them type in a single word at a time.

Those projects are quite large, but there are smaller ones that have promise. Projects for more open education platforms which you could include even YouTube, open education up to those with less money than a university education may require. Bill Gates is about to figure out Malaria, and we are close to overcoming HIV for future generations.

Noble ideas. are of no use written down if we do not also take action.