Empathy on the Edge

IDEO founder David Kelley has a great TED talk relating to his book Creative Confidence that you may have seen. If not, it’s about exactly what it sounds like; fear of judgement, overcoming phobias, resilience … it’s gold.
But what IDEO put out recently was just as exciting, and because you have to read it (TLDR, OMG 14 pgs) I assume it’s not as well distributed. It’s called Empathy on the Edge. It takes the simple notion of empathy and reinforces how it should be applied to business and design, not just for holistic reasons, but for financial and productivity reasons as well.
In that way it’s not dissimilar to Cradle to Cradle, which is a holistic mumbo jumbo of shit about the environment and not wasting blah blah blah, except that, surprisingly, it can also be justified with financial gains, health benefits, and so on.
The new realisation is not that the company is bigger than you, but that it has to connect with the needs of people to survive and thrive.