Tomorrow Today.

If you want a snapshot of the future, people look often to utopian prospects. What's more relevant though are the prototypes and emerging technologies. Things that are in our pockets, or powering our houses are likely to take single steps not leaps. So rather than getting excited (and then inevitably disappointed) about flying cars or changing the languages of people, consider tomorrow.

Trending today is Tesla Powerall, which could make a big claim on powering the world tomorrow. Unlike academic predictions or far reaching theories, this is a project by self-made billionaire Elon Musk who people are lapping up at the moment. Bringing together Tesla Motors, SpaceX (working with NASA), Paypal (as a co-founder) and further working with SolarCity (big Solar and eco-energy company), this is a guy who brings big ideas to fruition.

Somebody else who attaches himself to big ideas is Bill Gates (who should need no introduction). Along with pulling together Microsoft, improving US education and trying to wipe out Malaria, Bill is investing in 4th Generation Nuclear power. Aside from dramatically improved passive safety (not relying on people to shut down system failures), the technology dramatically reduces waste byproducts. In the linked attachment it's also worth noting (for the nuclear naysayers) that Bill points out how nuclear power has already done less damage than fossil fuel based energy.