This is how small music died.

Right now if I want to get an album by an artist as big as Girls Generation, Coldplay or Lady Gaga all I need to do is search for a torrent (even if isohunt is down). This carries all the way down to bands as big as Norma Jean, A Day to Remember, and LetLive. If they’re on a festival and playing international a less-than-legal download is possible.
At the same time I can go online and find free music through Grindcore Karaoke, Internet Archives, and indie labels. These bands with no intention of being professional or making any money or touring are fine.
The music that’s now inaccessible is the middle ground. Bands that want to grow and take themselves seriously but haven’t got enough recognition yet. They aren’t giving away their music, and they’re not big enough that people are uploading it for free after purchase with people grabbing it. So the middle ground suffers.
Fair enough that if you’re a band looking for awards and to tour you either need to get good and get out. That hasn’t really changed. What is a mess though is bands playing metal, grindcore, and less accessible electronic music. You can perhaps be streamed online through your label, but people aren’t paying for your music and it’s not on their playlists. Out of site, out of mind.
This is perhaps the music that needs financial support more than any other, so in that regard it makes sense. But a lot of music will be killed because of the current state of things.