We are not our past

Not this land alone.
The Earth has been determined by genocide.
Let go of the history. No looking back, just living today.
I am not Australian, nor are you Chinese, Korean, or Aboriginal.
We must move on. Because we know, we are people.
We need unhindered human experience.
The experiences of today.
Not the narrative of past.
This is the space where empathy ends,
and making others feel small begins.

Who belongs, what belongs, who decides?
The whole surface of earth is ours,
more than seeking goats paths.
Not limited to the roads.
The whole Earth is owned abstractly, in constant flow.
And the solution may be to leave it alone.

No matter the place,
No matter the architecture,
Our experience is the people.
Place and architecture is an aide,
Technology and the car are an aide,
But people are more, aren’t they?
They are memories,
Are we visiting, or are we passing through? Are we there to stay?