Psychological issues

Dealing with psychological issues has changed over time, and people’s openness about treatment is one of the biggest recent changes.

It’s hard to imagine a world prior to introspection and self reflection being such a prominent concept. Or to imagine that “writers block” wasn’t such a big issue but is something that continues to grow in popularity and importance beginning around the 30’s.

Around the 50’s pain was perceived more as an external problem. It is marketing than has brought our issues internal.

Around the 70’s for instance, rather than a psychologist the preference would be a physician or a clergyman when dealing with crisis. Perhaps a social worker. The success has come from marketing psychology better than in the past.

With this, institutions have changed what they do to cater to peoples needs. Mental hospitals have changed their role, drug rehabilitation has changed, newer therapies like treatments for homosexuality (yes, really), or trendier ones like equine (horse) therapy have emerged to cater to new markets.

Serotonin levels were emphasised by drug companies, while all the research points to physiological reasons, not biochemical, being more relevant to our state of being.

When did CBT become so popular? Is it really about patient care, or is it just efficient enough to work for now. The days of intensive gestalt therapy are ending, perhaps mostly for financial reasons, both personal and government related.