I did a work a few months ago. The first step was listing the fashion capitals.

Juxtaposed to this, I then inverted and listed atrocities. I made the connection here between New York and London, having the links to both sides.

In the Sydney CBD with the building of the new Westfield's in Pitt St Mall, a range of new brands have finally come to Australia, including long awaited launches for Zara, Topshop, Uniqlo, and recently Sephora.

After what has occurred in Sydney today, I completed the work I thought was finished with by adding Sydney to both columns. Relative to the influence of the locations, the scale of the attacks in each location, it now appears to have revealed something significant. I can see cultural links, and time progressing, as if perhaps I’m slowly being pursued.

Yesterday I first heard my close friend was told to leave work in Wynyard. Later in the day I heard of somebody I knew being told to remain in their office in Martin Place. And early this morning a graduate of my university was killed.

In truth though, as much as I identify with Sydney and these people, I identify equally with all people. The list works in reverse in this sense. Sydney is perhaps the new addition, but people are all linked by these events.

From Ghent to Sydney, people will remain unabated and unperturbed, pressing on, never accepting and always appalled.