new machinoir

Lets get this grindcore party started ...
This Place Belongs to Ghosts is the title of the machinoir album I’m working on for release on the 28th. Given an album in noisegrind time can be under 15 minutes, I should clarify that I do mean something closer to 30 minutes this time. Given the loose nature of my past releases, what the content will be is probably the most important question.
Coming from the Fnord EP which combined grindcore with my Nintendo DS experiments, this album uses a more common writing and production workflow. In parts there’s things I’m referring to as shoegazing house, and others reflect K and J pop. The music is of course neither of those things, but if you have some vague familiarity with machinoir those idea as an extension could make sense to you.
The release is strongly connected to machinoir’s ongoing connection to Japanese pop culture which is perhaps reflected most clearly in working with Japans hardest working vocalist, Hatsune Miku.