Design your own adventure.

Looking to the future what needs to be considered? Designer-sama, here are some steps to kickstart you.

Deciding what you’re best at is the beginning. That may be what you like to do most. In fact it should be, as to get that good at something you had to take those steps to get there. But there’s so much thrown at us to prevent us from that life of single minded pursuit.
There’s a great piece of advice I heard about creating a resume and portfolio that says NOT to include the work you do not want to do. Deciding what we don’t want is often easier. And in the limited framework of a portfolio which is often your ten best projects it’s quite easy. For me, that means I may have a footnote at best that mentions web design, and my portfolio doesn’t show it. I don’t want to do, so I’m not looking for it.

Can you delegate what you're worse at, or do you want to learn it?
The constant debate goes on. There's one side arguing for specialisation, one against. One leader will say to trust people and staff smarter than you, another saying that you should know more than every hire at every level. I don't know if these people sleep though.
You do need to be constantly thinking about improving yourself though either way.

The other part of always learning is not just your discipline but learning in new areas. Just as analogies from other fields help us understand our own area, new knowledge can be employed giving us unique perspectives.
Unlike hard science, (4+4 will always be 8), soft science always develops as you change and as the world continues to change.
Just as the Art of War was considered essential reading in business, as a designer I am doing further reading and learning in philosophy, art theory, psychology ... even my music is a constant influence on how I understand the underlying discipline of design.
You are not one thing. The idea of a designer itself is only a simplified discipline. There is so much overlap in disciplines, and the terminology is just for convenience.
Look at cooks learning from science, body builders learning from entrepreneurs, and publishing learning from social media.
A recent example is Keith Chen, an economist working with how animals present behaviours relating to economics, and more recently how people make economic decisions based on the nature of their language.
You can only go so far doing what has been done before.

What are you best at? What do you want to do? What’s unique about you?