Efficacy Zero

What is currently being done with paedophilia (we add an A in British English for all the American English worried I've done a whole work with a massive typo in it) is around the criminal aspect in Australia primarily. There is little room for conversation, and therefore psychology and progress are limited. So I did a project on and for the non-offenders; those attracted to children who haven't committed crime. This is estimated to be around 1% of the population.

Most design looks at either a simple solution to an understandable solution, or a resolution to make a change progressing towards more change with no final outcome. This work is closer to the idea of a resolution, but it is indirect in this. I highlight that we cannot speak about the issue making progress years away. The issue needs society to understand, the media to change, and the government to change its emphasis from crime to psychology if anything is going to progress. To uncensor this document over time.

After years of mistreatment of people with other mental illness in living memory a lot of progress has been made. It was as late as the 1970s that homosexuality was considered a mental illness. And internationally progress is being made with paedophilia transitioning from crime to health. But like gay rights, feminism, euthanasia and race rights, Australia is behind.

Organisation in Australia remain focused on offenders, while overseas there are private online communities, going as far as having televised campaigns in Germany. The stigma around the issue here and elsewhere only puts children at greater risk however.

Would you rather keep silence on this issue, or speak about it, and see paedophiles treated, before things go wrong?