Inventing Poetry

When asked what progress I've made lately at uni, I have been answering that I've been writing poetry. I'm not sure, but I think I've invented a type of poetry.

These more literally read as;
Life Eats Death, Death Eats Life, which repeats, and relates to the connection of food and life. Using Helvetica relates to political uses and corporate uses, which in the 2000's became associated with hiding information and distrust. This could be taken as an overall comment on where the food we eat comes from.
Ocult, Cunt, Cut, uses hidden text (relating to the occult), revealed text (showing a dirty word), the "cut" created by the shape of the N. Using Futura relates to its geometry, and emphasises this poems form.
Waste Not Want Wanted, relates to the common phrase "waste not, want not" the divide being created by the letter forms, utilising a monospaced font (Courier).
and the last is evidently a play on orientation. The idea of print only being upside down references the more complex work of Chirs Ware and Danielewski, while acknoledging the limitations of the platform as a 2d space.

These forms are only made possible by typographic knowledge, and an understanding of language conventions. Inspired by the earlier mentioned Chris Ware and Danielewski, as well as Nabokov, Acconci, Schwitters ... this poetry moves beyond our common use of text into other territory.
These allowances are usually only utilised by advertisers making puns or artists using organic form.

The closest work to this idea is either Concrete Poetry, or Typographic Poetry. This is neither though. Concrete poetry relates to the form of the page and spacing, while it continued to use left to write orientation, and was restricted usually by the typewriters abilities, or word processors abilities. Typographic poetry, while the term would be appropriate for this, actually refers to images created with typography.

I would like to find more people doing similar things, but it's a bit nerdy, and I'm pretty sure these only actually make sense to me.

The Dead Architect album cover will be done in this style, and I'm curious to see the interpretations of it. I am also trying to push this into a 3d space by applying these ideas to objects. So far however my attempts have been rubbish in 3d.