The people are gone. The planet goes on.

The term Anthropocene is a recentish addition to environmental discussion. They say humans have created a new Epoch since industrialisation, and Anthropocene is a term that represents our efforts to ruin the planet.

The terms for Epochs used before that span massive periods of time, like the 12,000 year Holocene that brought about agriculture. Before that there’s the Pleistocene which holds everything after the last ice age, about 2,600,000 years.

The term Anthropocene isn’t one I’m fond of. George Carlin had a bit that said man isn’t really capable of ruining the planet; it was here long before us and will be here long after we are gone. All this talk is just human self importance.

Rather than thinking of humans as a species that is influencing the planet over a long period (the last few hundred years is insignificant in terms of these studies), people can be more closely linked with the meteor that killed of the dinosaurs, and last the ice age. That meteor was survived by mammals, and eventually people emerged. As people kill off life, everything will once again change.

People are a disaster. Don’t like it? Then what are you going to do about it?