The intention of this project was to study Macquarie Place in Sydney. This ended up being an investigation into Allco. Allco was a business established in Macquarie Place, and was the last listing of the business as it collapsed – the first "victim" of the Global Financial Crisis.

The project focused on the eventual collapse, highlighting dramatic events chronologically. This is reflected directly in the text, but further in the imagery, as each panel becomes more dense than the last showing how as the events played out in the media the story became increasingly convoluted.

The aesthetic is a reflection of how the business gave the appearance of depth, while internally the truth is quite different. The form of books is a reflection on how many of the issues within the Global Financial Crisis could have been averted if all of the information within Allco was better analysed.

The work was a conceptual risk, where other works presented would pin up or critically map the location, I chose to present near empty books to communicate the absence of information communicated that eventually lead to the downfall of many corporations and banks brought down because of unjustified speculative investment.